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Benefits of Converting Old Family Media Files to Modern Formats

Benefits of Converting Old Family Media Files to Modern Formats


Are those videotapes, photos, film, and slides gathering dust in the attic? These are precious media that you can cherish for many more years to come. Since VHS players and other equipment to play these media are obsolete, modern technology has paved the way to convert old media to new media formats to ensure you can still enjoy them today. First, here are the reasons you must consider transferring old family media to new media formats today: 


1. Preserves Your Media


Preserving your family’s memories is crucial these days as the threat of media degradation looms. Some older media types are not designed to last forever, making it easier to archive tapes and images by capturing them to a hard drive or DVD. 


2. Helps Simplify Things


It’s not easier, cheaper, and simpler to get your old videotapes converted to DVD, have your photos scanned, and your film digitized. Most of the work is now captured directly into a computer’s hard drive, making it easy to manipulate media content without compromising their original content quality. You can even upload your footage to a cloud storage system or video-sharing platforms to ensure your media content will be safe at all times. 


3. Allows You to Be More Creative With Them


You can now produce quality media from your own home. So, when your media is digitized, you can do almost anything to it, such as create a new digital scrapbook, a graduation slideshow for your children, or even a new commercial for your business. 


4. Provides Better Portability


Think about how much easier it would be to scan your old slides onto a single thumb drive! Also, for your VHS tapes that are taking a lot of space, converting and digitizing them will give you more room. That way, you don’t need to hold on to hundreds of old VHS tapes because you can transfer them to DVDs or to your hard drive, which will save you more space in the future. 


5. Provides Entertainment


It is during the holidays or when the whole family is together when old videos and photos are taken out. Instead of going up to the attic and dusting these media files, you can play them on your TV and computer with only a few clicks of a button when you have them all digitized. From there, the whole family will be able to watch and reflect on past events without having to get their hands dirty and carrying heavy loads of VHS tapes and whatnot. 


6. Allows You to Enjoy More Family Time


Digitized media provides a great opportunity to spend and share time with family. This is because people can relate to what they’re watching and create exciting conversations about the past. Moreover, it’s also a great opportunity to connect with new friends. 

Make Your Valuable Family Media Last

It’s time you digitize old media files to ensure that they can still be watched and appreciated by future generations. For all of these reasons, you shouldn’t hesitate to convert your old media files to the latest formats today. 

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Don’t let your memories fade away!


Converting VHS to DVD promo

Don’t let your memories fade away! Preserve your legacy by duplicating the old video footage of your loved ones or friends. It makes a great gift when you send out a thoughtful DVD to anyone. Start a digital video archive for all future generations to enjoy, and be prepared for 100% entertainment as you see your old movies and VHS tapes brought back to life once again.  Look in the corners of your attic, your room, your basement, and look through the office clutter for those old VHS & old family tapes that contain the golden moments that you’ve been searching for forever! At www.ConvertingVHStoDVD.com, we specialize in saving your memories and converting to digital format in days, not months, like the other guys. Give us a call today. We are here to help! 

How to be VHS to DVD Savvy

The Video Conversion Process

All right ladies and gents, let me break it down for you. You need to be smart when working with businesses, especially when it comes to personal property.  Let’s get the video conversion process right the first time!

You don’t want to be hood-winked.  You don’t want it be like going car shopping. So this is why you need to be smart, savvy?

• Make sure that the company you go to are the people ACTUALLY doing the conversions.

• You don’t want them going to an outside vendor. Sadly, in most cases this often happens & quality control is lost. Who knows what could happpen to your memories? They could be completely ruined and do you want to take that chance? I didn’t think so. All of us at Converting VHS to DVD do NOT want that to happen to you!

  QUALITY is Everything

• We have been converting VHS to DVDs since the dawn of the DVD. We are experts on the video conversion process. We want to maintain that everything is at its most optimum quality and in order to do this, we keep every conversion “in house.”

• Honesty and quality are our #1 priorities. Sugar-coating sounds sweet but being direct will help the process run smoothly and in a timely fashion. (Gotta love the sugar puns)

• Like a tattoo, you should NEVER shop by the lowest price. You shop by quality and reputation. That’s how you know the company is great. This is why you should come get your conversions done by Converting VHS to DVD, 372 Squire Road, Revere, Massachusetts.

Video Conversion - VHS to DVD - Contact Convert VHS to DVD - How to be VHS to DVD Savvy

“Keep it in the Closet”

I know what you’re thinking and yes, it is a reference to Michael Jackson’s song.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with MJ and everything to do with where you should store your vintage VHSs.

FIRST AND FOREMOST! NEVER keep them in the attic.  There’s no insulation, which means when it’s cold, it is coollddd. Antarctic cold. Like you’re standing outside in the mild of a snow storm cold. And then the heat.  Heat rises.  It feels like a sauna up there.  You don’t want to subject your precious memories to those kinds of extreme temperatures.

ALSO! DO NOT leave them in your basement! Like the attic, the basement gets cold.  Correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t basements usually located under ground?  The ground gets cold. And it gets damp.  You do not want your VHSs anywhere near places that can get wet.  It’ll ruin everything.

The best possible place to store your VHSs would probably be to keep it in the closet. (Do you get the reference now?) It’s room temperature.  It’s dry.  It’s easily accessible.  And you can always make sure they are unharmed!

Converting VHS and Home Movies to DVD



5 Dont’s on how to care for your VHS when converting to DVD


  1. NEVER rewind your VHS/Film

    —> it will tear the oxide off of the tape and that could ruin your memories! And that’s the last thing you want to do!

  1. DO NOT continue to re-watch your beloved wedding/vacation videos.

    —> Yes, it is nostalgic. Yes, it sparks lovely feelings. BUT every time they are watched, analog information gets ripped off which makes it harder for us to convert it!

    —> Let the professionals handle it. That’s us. We are the professionals.

  1. When transferring your precious slides/pictures to video, DO NOT handle them with your finger tips!

      —> your skin has natural oils and said oils can ruin the delicacy of your slides/film

      —> it is a good idea to number all the slides/videos in the order you want them in

      —> you want text? Where ever you want them, place what you want written in               between the corresponding slides

      —> when handling slides for example, handle them on each side of the slide                 instead of just grabbing them all willy  nilly

  1. DO NOT send them in the mail!

    —> who knows what your precious memz will come in contact with!

    —> for example- if it comes in contact with any type of magnet, the oxide will be damaged as will your beloved memories.


       —> i’m sorry. We are the experts, not you. And in order to ensure optimized                 perfection, you need to let us do what we do best and thats make memories last           forever.

Whats the pay out you may ask?

You get the pleasure of having a digital copy of all your memories so you can make everyone watch them at every family gathering, forever.


Avoid VHS Tape Damage

You have piles of old VHS tapes taking up valuable space – Dont wait for them to break!
Avoid VHS Tape Damage by converting to DVD.

Backup your “Backup Tapes” to Digital Format versions, by performing VHS to DVD conversions. Now your precious video moments be protected and backed up to high quality digital format, you’ll save more space in their newerm smaller DVD formats.


Digital Formats have much longer life spans and will preserve original quality much better. Your children’s children will be happy you decided to convert VHS to DVD. Back-up your back-ups!

VHS Conversions

Preserve your legacy by creating, duplicating, documenting, and circulating video footage of your loved ones.

It makes a great holiday gift when send out a thoughtful DVD of your family, to your extended family. Start a digital family tree video archive for future generations to view, and become inspired to make digital additions to. begin by archiving your video data in a preffered Digital format, such as DVD, and convert your VHS to DVD.


Scour the remote corners of the attic, brave the basement, and battle the office clutter for those old VHS & BETA tapes that contain the golden moments locked into video, and convert the VHS to DVD to ensure the long life of your archived memories. You will be happy that you did!

Boston Duplication Services

    Whatever your format may be, we can duplicate it or convert to any type of format that you may need. We provide the fastest Video Duplication service in Boston. Perhaps you want to create Video Scrapbooks -we’ll transfer your pictures and photographs to DVD, with special editing effects and music soundtracks! Great for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other special events.



    Your end result will be a wonderful, light weight, easy-to-ship product to distribute to your relatives and extended family.  Our Duplication Service can provide you with as many copies as you can order, with a timely turnaround and professional service.  Our Video Duplication services are ranked among the best in Boston. Call us today and start the process ofpreserving your treasured video and audio footage.