"It's Like Finding Buried Treasure!" ~ Anna S., Boston

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Avoid VHS Tape Damage

You have piles of old VHS tapes taking up valuable space – Dont wait for them to break!
Avoid VHS Tape Damage by converting to DVD.

Backup your “Backup Tapes” to Digital Format versions, by performing VHS to DVD conversions. Now your precious video moments be protected and backed up to high quality digital format, you’ll save more space in their newerm smaller DVD formats.


Digital Formats have much longer life spans and will preserve original quality much better. Your children’s children will be happy you decided to convert VHS to DVD. Back-up your back-ups!

VHS Conversions

Preserve your legacy by creating, duplicating, documenting, and circulating video footage of your loved ones.

It makes a great holiday gift when send out a thoughtful DVD of your family, to your extended family. Start a digital family tree video archive for future generations to view, and become inspired to make digital additions to. begin by archiving your video data in a preffered Digital format, such as DVD, and convert your VHS to DVD.


Scour the remote corners of the attic, brave the basement, and battle the office clutter for those old VHS & BETA tapes that contain the golden moments locked into video, and convert the VHS to DVD to ensure the long life of your archived memories. You will be happy that you did!

Boston Duplication Services

    Whatever your format may be, we can duplicate it or convert to any type of format that you may need. We provide the fastest Video Duplication service in Boston. Perhaps you want to create Video Scrapbooks -we’ll transfer your pictures and photographs to DVD, with special editing effects and music soundtracks! Great for Anniversaries, Birthdays, and other special events.



    Your end result will be a wonderful, light weight, easy-to-ship product to distribute to your relatives and extended family.  Our Duplication Service can provide you with as many copies as you can order, with a timely turnaround and professional service.  Our Video Duplication services are ranked among the best in Boston. Call us today and start the process ofpreserving your treasured video and audio footage.